Capture the moments. Relive the memories.

Flashback is the easiest way to create lasting video memories just by taking photos.

So easy our moms can do it!



Flashback is an innovative new camcorder app that takes capturing memories to a whole new level. By automatically recording HD video while you take photos, Flashback creates not just a photo album but also a real-life video montage.


Take Photos Normally

Use Flashback as your everyday camera app and you will never have to chose between photos and videos again. Just open the app, start taking photos, and let Flashback do all the work.



Although Flashback will generate a video for you, we understand that not every shot or clip will be perfect. Because of this, Flashback gives you 100% complete control over the content of your Flashback. Advanced editing features listed below!


Save and Share

You can export your Flashbacks, photo albums, individual video clips, and individual photos to your camera roll or share them via Email, YouTube, and Facebook.


Create Flashback

  • Take photos – Capture Video
  • Multiple video qualities including HD
  • High-resolution photos
  • Include up to 50 video clips
  • Add transitions
  • Add music
  • GeoTagging
  • Create multiple Flashbacks

Photo Editing

  • Filters
  • Effects
  • Frames
  • Stickers
  • Crop
  • Saturation
  • Text
  • And much more!

Video Editing

  • Trim
  • Rotate
  • Import from camera roll
  • Import from other Flashbacks

Save & Share

  • Save to camera roll
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

Sample Flashback

Watch the Flashback

See the photos

About Us

The creation of Flashback is a story of luck and love. Founders Brad and Amber Taylor met in 2009 in San Francisco. They immediately fell in love and in November 2012 they were married in Phuket, Thailand. When Amber and Brad returned home to San Francisco they received their wedding video in the mail. As they watched, the magic and memories of their wedding day came flooding back; however, one point in the video caught them by surprise. While the photographer was shooting the wedding party's photos, the videographer left his camera running. What was captured was a spontaneous, real-life montage of one of their favorite parts of the day. Something no single photo or photo album could ever do. These short candid moments that were captured created a flashback of one of the greatest moments in their life. Together, they began discussing how great it would have been to have videos like this from their past and how amazing it would be to be able to create videos like this of their future. In that moment, the idea of Flashback was born. A camera application that would not only take photos but also captures the moment simultaneously on video.

Amber and Brad both felt so passionately about the idea and since its conception was very personal to them, they decided to fully develop Flashback on their own. After months of hard work, Brad and Amber are proud to see their vision come to life, an app they love and use almost everyday, but most importantly an app they created together.